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Our Mission 

As emerging and talented artists and craftspeople, we share our arts with Scituate and the surrounding communities.  Joy and well being is the result of helping each other to be the best artists within ourselves.  We bring together art enthusiasts and the artist to promote, fund and gain knowledge of the arts.  The Scituate Arts Association keeps Arts Alive! in ourselves,  each other and our community.

The Scituate Arts Association (SAA)  is an integral part of the community, offering annual events such as the SAA’s Arts Alive! Weekend/Plein Air Event and the  Scituate High School Art Show at its Front Street Art Gallery and an SAA SHS Scholarship; art education at the Ellis and elsewhere-adult and children’s art classes including some which partner with the Scituate Public Library children’s art events, watercolor instruction, drawing, sketching and painting for pleasure online,  life drawing workshops, and plein air groups that meet during warm weather and various workshops that vary from season to season and year to year.

If you have ever desired to wield a brush over canvas, inscribe in pen and ink, transform wood into a carved treasure, or just enjoy the company and talent of fellow artists, then we encourage you to become a member of the SAA and discover the talent that may lie within.

Photo by Bart Blumberg

The SAA is unique in that it owns the condo which houses the Front Street Art Gallery, located at 124 Front Street in Scituate Harbor -  a juried co-operative Gallery of about twenty talented artists and artisans.

Thank You to the Business Sponsors of the

Scituate Arts Association

Janet Cornacchio - Jack Conway, Realtor, Inc
Steve Drew - Harbour Insurance
Showcase Cinemas de Lux Hanover Crossing
The Inn at Scituate Harbor
Jack Pelrine - Coastal Heritage Bank
Dave Petty - Frame Center Of Hanover
Bill & Phyllis Wenzel - Image Resolutions

Gallery Fall 2020 cropped from north.jpg
The SAA is also the steward of the historic Bailey-Ellis House located at 709 Country Way in Scituate.  The Ellis House is a unique Gothic Romanesque Mansion and home to the SAA's Indoor classes and workshops.  It also provides studio space for half a dozen artists.  With your help, the SAA is in the process of restoring this unique home to its former glory
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